Collecting Vintage Scarves

Designer Silk Scarf

Designer Silk Scarf

Vintage scarves bring back a fashion statement from the past.  The most desirable fabric is silk. Collectors look for well-known names like Hermes, Vitaliano Pancaldi, Salvatore Ferragamo, Vera Newman, Chanel, Pucci, Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent. However, a vintage silk scarf does not have to come with a designer label to be a beautiful work of art. Vintage silk scarves in excellent condition are highly desirable to many collectors. 

Designer scarves were originally made for a more affluent crowd and are still fairly expensive. Vintage Vera scarves were more affordable then, and are a bargain today (and easy to find). Snag a Vera for $15 to $75; a vintage Hermes can be as much as $350.

Vintage Vera Scarf

Vintage Vera Scarf

When you shop for a vintage scarf,  look for crisp color lines, hand rolled and hand stitched edges and a signature.  Then look for the relationship to the vintage fashion of the period.  For example, mod designs from the 60s are collectible, even if they’re not silk.   Many designs from that era were printed on cotton or poly, weren’t signed, and are still collected for their irrepressible exhuberance.

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