Buying Vintage Flatware

Many of us have nearly complete sets of flatware.  But something has happened to one or two of the pieces, or you never acquired a complete set from your wedding gift list.   Everything is fine if you have a pattern that is still being manufactured.  Just pop into your favorite retail store carrying your brand or do a search for online sellers of that brand.

Farberware, fork

Farberware, fork

But what if the pattern is discontinued?  How will you ever fill in that gap?

The foremost retailer of discontinued patterns is of course,  I love because they have a very complete selection and they offer a free identification service if you aren’t sure what the pattern name is.  Just follow the directions and email an image to them and they’ll find the name for you.  However, the down side is that they sell based on their service and completeness of inventory, not on price.  If you don’t mind paying the premium price, you don’t need to read any farther. 

However, you can find other less expensive sources.  Use Replacements to make sure you have an accurate identification of the pattern name and manufacturer, then do one or both of the following:

  • enter the pattern and manufacturer name into an eBay search.  If someone is selling it, you should be able to find it.  Be sure to do an advanced search and look in eBay stores as many sellers list at auction once and then place their offering in their eBay store at a fixed price.  eBay store inventory isn’t always listed on your initial search and you may have to look for the eBay stores listings.
  • Google the pattern name and/or the manufacturer name.  There may be a website or company site that will have your pattern.

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