Closed 4/16/09

Wood Burn Decorated Wood Dough Bowl…Hexagonal Aluminum Pie Plates…Anodized Lemonade Spoons/Stirrers…Card Suit Cookie Cutters…Tupperware Midgets…Travel Bingo…10 Little Indians Game…Add-A-Count Scale Toy

Link to My eBay Store to view and bid.

vintage primitive, wood, bowl, dough, wood burn decorationNow listed in eBay Store

vintage aluminum, pie plates, hexagonal


vintage aluminum, anodized,lemonade spoons,stirrersNow listed in eBay Store
vintage aluminum, cookie cutters, card suits,diamond,club,heart,spade


vintage tupperware,plastic,2 oz,midgets,sealsNow listed in eBay Store
vintage toy,travel,bingo,magnetic,plastic,gameNow listed in eBay Store
vintage toy,plastic,Lakeside,10 Little Indians,gameNow listed in eBay Store
vintage toy,child guidance,add-a-count,scale,plastic


Check out my newest listings on Roses Postcards and on eCrater

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