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Elvis’ 2nd Gospel LP…Myrtlewood 2 Tier Tray…Ireland Coffee Mug

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vintage myrtlewood, tray, two tier,Oregon


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How to Handle Records

Vinyl Records, LPs, 45s and 78s are very susceptible to damage. Here are some tips I found online to keep your collectible records in great shape!

Hold by Edges

Hold by Edges

  • The oils on your hands can damage the playing surface. So Avoid Touching! Hold your disk by the edges and on the labeled surface only. Or wear thin, clean cotton gloves.
  • Avoid creating scratches by not dropping the record and by making sure that the stylus (needle) is clean and free of dust. Also don’t drop the stylus on the record or shake the turntable causing the needle to skip over the grooves. Scratches are permanent and degrade the sound of the record.
  • Make sure that your needle is the correct one for the record. Don’t play the record with a dull needle. Dull needles cause damage that cannot be repaired.
  • Keep your turntable clean and free of dust by keeping the dust cover closed and remove dust promptly.
  • Avoid stacking records on a turntable (the use of a spindle to stack albums and 45’s was commonplace in the 50’s and 60’s). Or placing on any other surface without a protective sleeve
  • When done playing your record, give it a quick brush to remove any dust and static. Return it to its sleeve. If you plan on listening to your vinyl for any decent period of time, invest in a carbon fiber record brush