Collecting Calendars

Calendars have been made in many forms over time and people collect in many categories. Here are some of the collectible categories according to The Calendar Collectors Society.

  • wall calendars
  • perpetual calendars
  • desk calendars
  • pocket calendars
  • postcard calendars
  • novelty calendars (calendars made from non-traditional materials, usually die-cuts or 3-dimensional)
  • calendar plates
  • calendar towels
  • almanacs
  • diaries
  • schedules

Lots of collectors are attracted to the art, for their beauty and because they were produced by famous artists or designers like Maxfield Parrish, Norman Rockwell, Varga, Hy Hintermeister, Rolf Armstrong, R. Atkinson Fox and others. These folks are likely to frame the calendar and hang it on the wall.

Advertising calendars are often collected by collectors of advertising as a “companion collectible”. If the collector is building a collection around a brand name (Coca-Cola, Santa Fe Railroad, etc.) they often include calendars distributed free by that corporation as a part of their collection. Sports collectors, celebrity collectors, political collectors, royalty collectors, Worlds fair collectors or others often include calendars in their collection.

In many countries, pocket calendars (sometimes referred to as wallet calendars) are a large calendar collecting area.